It may be the middle of July with a heat index of 105 but it’s going to
snow. It’s definitely going to snow. There will be pigs a ‘flying
because my mother, God bless her liberal heart,
is going to vote republican. More specifically, she is going
to vote for Bob Ehrlich
to be the next governor of Maryland.

I suspect that her vote has a lot to do with the fact that he comes
from our home town of Arbutus. However, like myself, I’d guess that
it will be as much a vote for Bobby as a vote against his opposition.

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend
is likely betting on two facts to
basically hand her the race: she’s a democrat and the Kennedy name
appears on her office door. The first fact is a good bet. The last
of Maryland wasn’t in my lifetime. Given the overwhelming influence
of the registered
in this state, that is unlikely to change anytime soon –
despite the fact that this race, like the one before it, it shaping
up to be reasonably close.

I’m hoping that the second fact backfires on her.
People finally appear to have shaken the idea that sharing the
Kennedy name somehow means you will be a good politician.
Personally, I’m tired of the Kennedy name referring to some type of
political entitlement. “Vote for me, I’m JFK’s second cousin’s
half-brother”. The biggest opposition to this theory comes from the
Kennedy family itself. In a couple of years, the name may be
synonymous with
and bad skiing. Kathleen is trying to avoid any negative aspect of that
image while grabbing at the coattails of her father with both hands.
Just take a look at her advertisements. It’s the last time I’ve seen
him on television. Her own
ignores any previous political history but is happy to report her family heritage
(here’s a

that mentions her other exploits).
I hope she thanks
everyday for his good deed.

In any case, November could be interesting if Mr. Ehrlick can
swing some more democrats his way. And hey mom, welcome to the club.
I’m off to buy some extra milk and toilet paper so I can beat the rush.

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