Daddy’s Day

Jun 15, 2003

I Love My Daddy

A funny thing happens when you try for over two and a half years to
have a child: the concept of never creeps in from the side. After
a while it does more than slink around in the background. It rears
its ugly head and faces you head on.

What if I never get the chance? What if all these attempts, all
this effort, end in nothing but failure?

You prepare for the worst. Adoption is not something we just
considered. It is something we researched. I have no doubt
that I could love an adopted son as my own but what if we can
never do it ourselves. What if?

This only begins to explain how incredibly lucky I feel this
day. The child sleeping silently in the room behind me is a blessing
indeed, a treasure whose first cry answered the prayers of
his mother and father.

As I unwrap the first of, what I hope, is many father’s day presents
today, I know that none will ever come close to the gift God gave me
just a short time ago. His gift allows me to celebrate this
day and I thank Him.

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