Nov 20, 2003

My TIVO is overflowing with unwatched television but I may soon have to clear some room. The Family Guy might be coming back and I’m just thrilled at the prospect. Little Stewie can again complain about his Uteran prison. Brian the dog will get to drink yet another Martini.

The show won’t be returning because of public outcry or because of the giant holes in Fox’s lineup. The DVD sales are through the roof. In this strange case of backwards distribution, the tail just might wag the dog (sorry Brian — trust us). The guys with the suits understand dollars and cents. They are hoping that popularity proven in the video store translates to the television screen.

I’m hoping too. A new season or two of one my favorite shows of the last couple of years would go wonderfully next to my copy of seasons 1 and 2 of Peter and family. Well that and season three. Christmas is coming, you know.

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