Idol Missteps

Jan 23, 2004

I’m so ashamed. Along with the wife, I’ve watched the first three episodes of American Idol. Sadly, it was no accident. I actually meant to do so. My excuse centered around the fact that I wanted to see the beginning of the competition. That’s when all the really, really bad singers show up. I thought it would be hysterical. I was not disappointed.

Some of these folks were downright awful. I mean horrible. The biggest train wrecks are by far the most entertaining. Scat girl gave an interesting interpretation of, well, something (dobedowah). The favorite performance of both my wife and I was a rendition of Elvis’s “Faaring in ruff with rue.” It’s just a classic.

Simon, who’s job is to annoy, did it well. He mentions that he feels it is his responsibility to give folks a reality check and he does, in his own signature way. I started the show disagreeing with him. There’s no need to stomp on someone’s hopes. There’s no requirement for him to throw a wrench into someone’s dreams. But then I watched a little more.

Some of the folks need the whipping — need the sarcasm. A lot of contestants are adamant of their ability even though their performance leaves no doubts about their lack of talent. Mom and dad may have you convinced that you are good, great, and wonderful but stick with us here. You aren’t in your living room. You aren’t singing along to the radio. Yikes! And what the hell is with the M.C. Hammer dance?

In any case, I don’t think you can call me a fan of the show; the good singers don’t particularly interest me. However, while these embarrassments are featured I might continue to tune in. You know, just for the giggles.

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