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Jul 29, 2002

The posts have slowed but the layout has changed. What’s the deal?
The deal is that I’ve changed my blogging tool. I did use
I now use a tool called
Movable Type.
During the transition, I’ve been busy
tweaking the new layout and installing the new tool, leaving little time to
record my thoughts.

I’m quite happy with Movable Type. It sports a whole mess of features
not available with Blogger. I’m a technology geek and these features, like
the ability to use blog excerpts within other content, are just too cool.
The tool also exists solely on my web server and is entirely free, not asking me to
pay on a
yearly basis
for its extra bells and whistles. However,
the free version of blogger treated me well and is still highly recommended,
especially for beginners. It’s almost like saying goodbye to an old friend
(buh-bye blogger, sniff, sniff).

The funny thing is – and I’m reaching here in the midst of all this slightly
technical drivel – that the move from one tool to another felt a bit like
changing skins (though I imagine in real life, that would hurt).

The thought of changing tools filled me with a bit of dread because sometimes –
often, if you ask the wife – the geek inside works against me. Give me
a bunch of new knobs and buttons and what do I do? Poke and prod the beast until
something comes out that I like, generally taking a boat load of time in the process.
For me, at least, the transition wouldn’t be too simple and I knew it.

This fact, however, sure didn’t stop me. As soon as I peeked
over the shoulder of a friend playing with his new
I just had to have it. And now I do.

Actually, it wasn’t bad at all – a testament to the
a husband a wife who blessedly offer it for free. I’m happy its over though.
Now I might have time to blog about something actually interesting.

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