May 14, 2004

I can’t believe I’m still watching Survivor. Like millions of others, I dedicated my Sunday night to watching the finale of this season’s Survivor. Somehow I’ve managed to see them all. I’m almost ashamed that I enjoy the spectacle of it all so much.

But I do. The harsh conditions, the interesting cast of characters, and the emotional turmoil that results is entertaining. And let’s not forget the bug eating. Yum.

It’s a guilty pleasure made worse by the fact that each season tends to end the same. A bunch of grumpy jurors with major chips or their shoulders confront two finalists that used nefarious means to get to the top. It’s a classic setup, in that the favor of the disgruntled losers plays a very big part in the eventual winner, and I’m very much surprised that everyone hasn’t gotten the memo.

This is a game. In fact, it’s a game about betrayal. Your exit from the tribe is never going to end anything but badly. You didn’t want to leave. You were forced out, not only by the two folks in front of you but by everyone to your left. Don’t look so dismayed. I know you want to place blame. I understand that you might want sympathy but quiet the sour grapes.

I believed that this season, being the one with the cast of all stars, would be different. A second visit would surely clear these details up. I was wrong.

Lex couldn’t believe a friend could betray him after betraying two of his own buddies, throwing his tribe into a losing spiral in the process (oh, the irony). Cathy couldn’t believe good old Boston Rob would sell her out. Look around. You weren’t the only one. Tom couldn’t imagine that he would be set up. Surprise, surprise.

But the spectacle still bemused me, enough so that both the wife and I voted in the contest for the second million (I should note, that my vote went to the winner of this second bundle of dough. Now go buy another shirt.). Maybe I should compete. I’d love my chance at a finale speech. Put away those self-serving glares. I’m here because I lied, cheated, and betrayed; I played the game. Any questions?

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