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Nov 2, 2004

John Kerry, in his acceptance speech, thanked voters for his victory. “I want to thank everyone for looking past niggling issues such as the war on terror to vote me into office. By the way, I was joking. I really am a liberal.”

His running mate and soon-to-be vice president Hillary Clinton chirped in with some thoughts of own, speaking about aggresive legislation they would help put on the books. “My first act as co-president will be to introduce a bill outlawing extramarital affairs. Violators will be castrated.” Follow-ups with members of congress resulted in many shocked faces and harried brows.

Ok, ok, this didn’t really happen. Well, it did happen but only during a game of The Political Machine, a fascination of mine this election cycle. The game challenges you to win the election. It allows alternate realities. I had a lot of fun knocking around my man George by simply changing the subject of the debate.

That said, I don’t see something similar happening tonight. I certainly could be wrong but I don’t see Kerry winning this evening. Why? I’m glad you asked.

I liken this election to the one eight years ago. Much like that election, a lot of folks were less interested in voting for a candidate than voting against one. Heck, I voted for Dole and even I, a devote Republican, will cop to that.

Voting against someone generally doesn’t inspire people, even in times of war. You need something to push folks to the polls. I don’t think a lack of confidence does that.

If Kerry does come out on top, I believe that a general hatred of our war in Iraq will be the reason. That said, I wouldn’t cash in the meal ticket too early. I’ll agree that the folks that disagree with the war in Iraq have certainly been loud. I’m not yet convinced they have the numbers they claim. Are they a vocal majority or simply vocal?

By tonight we’ll know for sure. I have my opinion. I’ll place my vote and I’ll stand behind the winner, no matter who it is. In the meantime, Kerry might want to visit Stardock and make a purchase. In fantasyland, he and Hillary make a perfect match.

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