Draft Day

Apr 21, 2005

The NFL Draft is this Saturday and, besides being one of the most drawn out and boring televised events of the year, it does conclude all the fun speculation and rumors, that I follow this time of year.

I won’t be watching — I’m really only interested in the draft picks that have either the Ravens or Cowboys names attached — but I will check in occasionally. I’ll poke my head around the corner to see if the Ravens grabbed a receiver in the first round. I’ll check the list of scrolling names in the later rounds to see if they went for offense or defense. But these little bits of information hardly require my rapt attention. EA will ensure that my TIVO has some work for the first hour. After that, it’s a crapshoot, much like the draft itself.

In any case, if you need something to get you in the mood, I found that CNNSI’s photo gallery of NFL draft busts and steals does the trick. You can almost feel the dice heating up.

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