Dec 8, 2005

I recently purchased the fourth season of the Sopranos from a friend and just wanted to mention how much I enjoy consuming television in the DVD format. No commercials waste your time, the pause button is as accessible as the one on my TIVO, and, most importantly, the next episode is just a click away. No waiting. I can’t stress how important that is.

Collecting a whole season of TV on just a couple of disks is where the action is at. Sweeten the pot with a complete ignorance of the series and I get some true entertainment from my couch. The wife and I completely missed the first two seasons of the Sopranos. It only took us about two months during the winter lull in the television schedule to catch up.

The weather might call for snow and my TV might call for repeats, but I have some boob tube watching to do. The wife is rather anxious to get through that first season of Desperate Housewives she received for our anniversary.

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