Counting to Three

Apr 18, 2006

The wife and I have been discussing the possibility of a third child lately. It’s not what you think. We aren’t actually planning for an expansion to our family. But, let’s just say that a third bundle of joy was a possibility — a possibility that a couple of trips to the drugstore helped eliminate.

These types of discussions change a bit when the planning portion of a planned family is briefly taken from your grasp. Memories come flooding back. A little child rests in your arms. The alarm clock becomes a useless device, unneeded when the late morning hours start before the sun rises. Diapers get a bit smaller and bottles again rest inside the fridge.

Emotions you had forgotten stop by to say hello. A little fear, a little longing, and a good mixture of both play a part. Economic ramifications spring to mind and time allows you to consider what more family would mean to your current family.

And then you find out it’s a false alarm. That’s a good thing. I think.

I don’t know if we’ll ever be ready to count to three. There’s a good chance it’ll be never. But, I suppose, you never know.

I wanted to congratulate my friends Jason and Tina on their recent announcement. Good luck you two. The wife and I wish you guys the best.

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