May 4, 2006

There are few things in the world I’d like to do less than subject my youngest child to a second eye surgery. That is, however, exactly what I’ll be doing tomorrow morning. I’ll be worrying. I’ll be pacing. And my little one will spend a second morning sleeping soundly on an operating table, oblivious to the pain and discomfort that awaits him when he wakes.

The concept is difficult for me. The surgery itself fraught with uncertainty, filled with much more mystery than I first anticipated. 6 months ago the wife and I went through a similar process. We wondered if we were doing the right thing. We worried that we choose a bad course of action or rushed to action. The consequences weren’t something you could read off a handy list. How well will he sleep? Will the scars forever haunt him?

All those concerns remain. This time, however, we’ve added something significant to our thoughts: will it work?

I hope so. I’ll certainly be praying to that effect.

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    May 23rd, 2006 at 9:28 pm #

    […] When the wife and I brought Chase home from the hospital, we felt a lot of things. We felt tired. We felt worried. I’ve talked about our concerns. There’s nothing like the scars of a fresh surgery to amplify those feelings. The doctor told us that the surgery went fine. We felt hopeful — at least we tried. […]

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