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Dec 31, 2002

After meandering about and, finally, repurchasing the books,
I finally gave in to another temptation. Saturday we arrived at the
theater to see one of the big ticket movies of winter, either
The Two Towers or
Die Another Day.
The newest Bond flick wasn’t showing, leaving only the
movie I desperately wanted to see but also desperately wanted to
avoid. After all, I haven’t yet cracked the books for the second time.
Curiousity got the best of me and, with
impending shut down of
my personal life, I thought it best to fill up my schedule sooner rather than
later. So the wife and I went to see the second episode of the Lord of the Rings.

There are certain movies that must be seen on the big screen, where
you can be surrounded by speakers and taken away by the picture
that encompasses your field of vision. Sometimes the urge to be
first in line makes you walk to the ticket booth. Sometimes it’s the fact that
sad acting can be better ignored behind the glitter of the
flickering lights. Sometimes a movie is just so damn good you
must see it in all its 10 foot glory, where a wall of speakers can make
your seat shutter. The Two Towers was definitely one of the latter.

Before Saturday, it was high atop my personal list of must-see-on-the-big-screen movies. Just about any action flick can make
the list –
Bond movies,
any movie with
in it. Pretty explosions is usually a requirement.
This year, the second
episode of Harry Potter
made my list; a dark movie theater might make its magic just a bit
more magical.

I’m glad The Two Towers found itself on the top. It was incredible.
It was epic. It’s the best movie I’ve seen
this year and one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. I was glued to
my seat. My very pregnant wife jostled a bit in hers but stayed right where
she was.

The first movie was good. It was better than good. I’ve spent about $60
on the
two versions of the DVD. That soundly places it high on my short
list of great movies. The second movie, like the second book,
was better. Braveheart and Gladiator will have some company on
my DVD shelf. I can only hope that Peter Jackson is kind on my
entertainment budget this time around.

The first movie made me think it. The second movie made me say it.
The Lord of the Rings is the
Star Wars of this decade.
Peter Jackson has picked up the ball that George Lucas dropped. The
second movie even reminded me a bit of
The Empire Strikes Back.
It was much darker than the first movie and let the history
established in the first flick of the series take on a life of its own in the second.
The best part is that I have no fear that Ewoks will enter the picture
for The Return of the King. We have our cute little creatures and
these hobbits carry swords.

I have only one question for the director: how about adding a fourth movie
to the mix?
I’d love to see the adventures of the original Hobbit, good old Bilbo
Baggins, in big screen form. That’s where it all started. It would be
a great place to end.

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