Jan 12, 2003

That’s how you feel when haven’t slept regularly in three days.
That’s exactly how I felt in the days right after we left the
hospital. Frazzled.

Little Cambell and his parents both were adjusting. Cambell was
adjusting from mom’s womb to our room. Mom was adjusting to the
everlasting demand that comes with breast feeding; he’s a hungry
little fella. Dad was surrounded in dirty daipers and laundry.
Sleep came in short and sporadic spurts for all of us.
Frazzled is definitely the word for which I was searching.

But frazzled doesn’t describe the current state of affairs –
not exactly anyway. The complaints and hardships of those
first couple of days seem like a close but distant memory.
It feels odd to mention them now. I noted them days ago,
during a time when I certainly felt a bit rough around the edges.
Now, on a more or less full night of sleep
my hardships seem a bit empty. On the other hand, all of it
is still rather true (I have a pile of clothes downstairs to
prove it). Things have settled down quite a bit.

Cambell has been blessedly sleepy during the night. He
wakes every night around the hours of 1 and 4 am. He feeds for
a half hour or so and goes back to bed. My kidless friends
will shriek in horror at my happy attitude. He get’s up
when? My fellow parents will likely turn green with envy.
This, in my new parenting world, constitutes a “good night’s
sleep”. Wake up, change a diaper, give him a bottle or
boob, and it’s back to never-never land. It’s not at a
bad deal at all.

The daytime shakes out in a similar manner. He eats, he poops, he
sleeps in rapid succession. In fact, he likes to combine
these leisure activities. Squirts are often audible
during breast feeding. More often than not, his eyes shut
tightly while a nipple still rests in his mouth.
A wakeful, alert little Cam is available for select times
and a few hours each day. When that occurs, both the wife
and I are left wondering the obvious question: what
do we do with him now?

Our days are broken up by the more than occasional visitor.
This child is very loved. The many feet that have passed
our welcome mat in the last week are a testament to that.
Flowers dot nearly every room. Boy clothes are finally
a reality.

His parents aren’t left out in the cold. The in-laws
came by and helped take down the Christmas decorations.
A neighbor carried our old bedroom furniture away
just before the new began to arrive. One friend patiently
answers every question of an anxious new mom and dad.
Another makes sure those frazzled parents get a good,
healthy (not to mention yummy) meal every day of the
week. It’s good to be me. It’s great to be us.

Those frazzled feelings will undoubtedly return.
There will be long days and longer nights.
They may return in just a few hours
(ammendment: in fact, they kind of did). We aren’t quite
out of the woods yet (we’ll be out in about 17 years and
51 weeks, or so). But there’s a wonderful child sleeping
in the bedroom basinett. He’s worth it.

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