Grand-Parental Advisory

Jan 20, 2003

The wife and I have a bit of cabin fever. Three straight weeks cooped up
in the house with a baby – no matter how cute that baby is – can
do that to you. The four walls of my bedroom and the four walls of
my living room are now intimately familiar. I’ve seen them again, again,
and again. They are there early in the morning, in the middle in the
afternoon, and in the very late hours of the day.
Sure we’ve been to the doctor twice. We even visited Walmart
for some baby supplies, Target for some diapers, and Target for some
diapers (no, I’m not repeating myself) but none of those trips can
really be considered a leisure activity (now a trip to Best Buy, that
would be a leisure activity).

The baby is doing great. Except for the occasional sleepless night,
he’s fallen into a good pattern of eat, sleep, and repeat. For a
couple hours each day, his eyes open and explore the world from
his perch upon mommy or daddy. Mommy and daddy stay busy doing
what mommies and daddies do: feed him, change his diapers, take the
well-deserved cat nap, and, best of all, stare back into the
cutest pair of eyes on earth. But mommy and daddy are ready
to take a break, if only for a few moments.

The wife and I want to head out for a few hours and scarf down some grub,
leaving our child in someone’s very capable hands. We’ll have
a nice little chat over a meal, see a couple of new walls for a
change, and enjoy each other’s company without the restrictions
of our home. We haven’t yet decided where to eat because
that isn’t really the tough decision. Where to eat is hardly
the issue. This will be the first time we leave our child in the
care of someone else – anyone else. The real question
is: which set of grandparents get to watch their grandson

This question cannot be taken lightly. Former presidents haven’t had
to balance the politics of a decision quite as delicate as this.
Grandparents on both sides of our now three person family are quite anxious
to watch over their new grandson without the supervision of their
nervous son or daughter.

Our job, and it begins now, is to strike a good balance between
the babysitting offers that have been tendered – from grandparents,
aunts, uncles, and friends alike – and those we actually accept.
A healthy supply will
allow the wife and I to catch an emergency movie now and then.
Stoking demand properly will keep everyone, particularly the
grandparents, happy, where the balance between
“I never see my grandson” and
“You want to us to watch that hellion again?” is nervously thin.
But who gets first dibs? Who sets the wheels in motion?

The answer, in the end, should have been obvious. How could we not know who
deserves it most? Isn’t it easy to see? How
could our selection criteria have been any easier?

That’s right. We are going to flip a coin.

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  1. Deb
    January 20th, 2003 at 4:03 pm #

    Guys, I am so very proud and happy for you both. Take the time and enjoy. It will never be like this again. If you are half as happy as I was when I was a new mom, then life doesn’t get any better. I can’t wait to see Cam. It is so funny reading your blogs. I feel like a grandma instead of an Aunt because to me you are still just that little kid with his bike in a ditch needing my help. I can remember the day you came home from the hospital. We lived on Bedford Road in Pikesville. Pop Pop woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me that I had a little brother. You slept in a little wicker bassinet set on the purple carpet next to Mom in her room,next to mine. Your eyes were shut tight when I first caught a glimpse at what was to become the little boy I was going to nurture and protect like my own child. I remember changing your diapers. I remember taking care of you when your were sick. I remember prying the lead paint out of your mouth when you decided to snack on the peeling paint on the front door. I watched you grow into a very handsome man and I am continually amazed at the great guy you have become. Well baby brother, you have your own baby. My advice, love that little boy like nothing you have ever loved before. Spoil him, kiss him, cuddle him, and baby him. Because before you know it he will be saying to you. Dad, I’m going to be a Dad. The time goes by so fast. Stop and smell the flowers, remember the small things, before you know it they will be distant memories and the next chapter of your life will begin… All my love, Sis

  2. Laura
    January 21st, 2003 at 12:33 pm #

    It must run in the family. First I read the blog and get misty-eyed. Then I read the comments and get even misty-eyed-er.

  3. Mom
    January 21st, 2003 at 11:17 pm #

    Ken and Jenn, Just read your blog on which set of grandparents should babysit first. Speaking I’m sure for either pair of us, I really believe you should not sweat it as we all love the three of you and know that we are sure to get our turn in the joy. As for Deb’s comments, I can only say that both you and her are great writers and sure bring on the drippy eyes. Love, Mom

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