Sandy Bottoms

Jun 15, 2002

You know, there is something about spending some time pondering the
location of poop, especially when that poop doesn’t actually exist yet.
However, that is just what my wife and I have been doing on and off for the past
couple of days.

See, we have a bit of a quandry. It involves our cat, our upcoming

bundle of joy
, and, well, the cat’s pooper.

At the moment, the cat’s little box of presents rests in what Jenn and I
affectionately call the baby’s room. Why do we call it that? There are two reasons.
First, on our first visit to the house, the little old lady who owned it
had a beautiful crib in it as well as (if I remember correctly) a rocking
chair and other assorted baby furniture. Given the fact that we had baby on the
brain even then (2 1/2 years ago), I can’t help but think that the room
subconsiously factored into our eventual buying decision. Second, because
of reason one, we had always earmarked the room for our first child. After
all, I quickly stole the other (and larger) bedroom for my computer

Why would we place the cat’s little sand dune into a room slated for our first
offspring? It was mostly out of convenience. The wife and I haven’t used the room
for much of anything since we moved in. My mom gave me my old bed and the
soon to be baby’s room was transformed into a guest room, a room that was
rarely, if ever, used. That still doesn’t quite explain it. After all, there
were other rooms available. What about the laundry room in the basement? Enter
the dog. Our cuddly, but hyperactive, little (or not so little) mutt. He can
also be labeled the cat’s worst nightmare.

Believe it or not, the cat doesn’t really like the dog (unless that hissing
noise she makes is a sign of affection). The dog needed a home for his crate
and, given its size, it was an easy decision to put it in the laundry room. The
cat quickly, and in no uncertain terms, let us know that she would rarely visit
that room again. The wife and I, being good, honest, poo-fearing people, promptly
moved the box upstairs to its current resting place.

Now the smelly box has to move but where to? The computer room is a good candidate.
It actually housed the box for a while before. However, the smell of urine while
I type just doesn’t quite agree with me (Hmm, what about the closet in the computer
room?). Our bedroom, the whole first floor, and the living room are out for
obvious reasons (too well visited, too visible). The laundry room may be
reinstated. It is still the most desirable area and we are crating the dog less and
less every day. The problem is that we are scared to make the transition. We
don’t want to give the cat a reason to make a new sandbox of her own.

We may try a gradual transition, placing the box closer and closer to its desired
location until the kitty submits to our will. I may consider placing it on the roof.
In any case, we could use your prayers. Here’s hoping that my next present is
placed in wrapping paper, not presented to me on my pillow.

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