The Last Straw

Feb 27, 2003

Millenium cable drew the last straw. I’m so sick and tired of them that I’m severing the ties of our relationship, despite the fact that I’ll miss some of the perks they provide. Although my problems lie mostly with their customer service, not their cable service, I’m honestly dissapointed with both.

Millenium’s cable service has its ups and downs. They certainly offered me a nice package. Digital cable, with all the movie trimmings, and a cable modem were provided for a very reasonable price. The picture was clear and matching digital decoders decorated both the bedroom and living room. I was in cable heaven. The problem was that, even with all those choices, cable TV was and is not my focus. I’m a certified geek. I don’t need my MTV. I need my yahoo.

That’s primarily where they failed me. Over the last several months, their cable modem service has been intermittent. Sometimes it would go down without warning. At others, my connection, and particularly my connection to, was crap. Latency was out of control. Pings over 200 make me frown. Pings over 600 make an invisible vein pop out on my forehead.

Some of my pain could have been overlooked if their customer service line (and I say line because I’m convinced they only have one) wasn’t completely and utterly useless. I’ve spent hours – yes, hours – on the phone trying to find someone – anyone – to listen to my complaints. An hour of busy signals normally preceeded a daunting thirty minute wait to speak to a human being. The commercials you hear during this time are almost comforting compared to the constant buzzing you heard to get to that point.

I can say nothing worse about their service than I know their phone number by heart. I don’t even know my own brother’s phone number off the top of my head. Don’t call us, I suppose, and we’ll never call you.

My dissatifaction reached its peak during the latest snowstorm. I had spent the last month calling about internet connection problems of one sort or another. Things were finally working when a snow plow came by and knocked over our cable box and, along with it, all Millenium related services. It took us two days to get through to a service representative. Two days later a technician, who didn’t even bother to visit my doorstep, came out and fixed almost nothing. We had a little cable here and there but no cable modem and no digital cable. Two more days of calling yielded a service representative with an attitude. Two days later we called Comcast. Comcast came over the very next day.

Our deal with Comcast means we lose our precious movie channels and our second decoder box. I’ll take a working cable modem as my replacement. At this point, I would have done just about anything to never have to call Millenium again.

Our ex-cable company finally called back to check up on us on Wednesday. I take great joy in the fact that my wife reported to them that Comcast was installing cable while they spoke. Please cancel us. Thank you very much.

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  1. carl
    February 23rd, 2004 at 3:09 pm #

    … you’re lucky that you had a CHOICE btw. Comcast and Millenium… I’m stuck with Millenium for both cable and computer as it’s the only available option right now in this town in MI we moved to. (We had Comcast in PA…)

    have a good one

  2. zach
    February 14th, 2007 at 6:42 pm #

    lol dude I have comcast right now and im getten 300 ping….they botch suck sooo bad.

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