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Jun 16, 2003

Not too long ago, I submitted a column to a web site I visit every week. GameSpotting, the site in question, is a freeform feature run by the GameSpot crew. They basically run around to each member of their staff and ask them to write something, anything about games. Recently, they began to take reader submissions. Mine didn’t get in.

Why didn’t it get in? I’m sure there were all sorts of reasons. It mentions too many retail chains. Its more of a narrative than an article. The timing of my submission wasn’t the best. E3 loomed right around the corner and, in addition to the folks of GameSpot turning their attention to the big gaming event, they didn’t run a GameSpotting column for a couple of weeks. Lastly – and I have to allow for this – it just wasn’t very good.

In any case, their four weeks are up. The rights of my writing have returned to me. For better or worse, I’ve placed the object of my rejection below. Feel free to peruse and even compare it to what they have up this week. Enjoy. I promise I’ll do better next time.

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