Baby on Board

May 28, 2002

Wow! That’s all I can say is wow. After over two and a half years of trying,
we finally did it. Jenn is pregnant. Pregnant I tell you (whoever you is).
All the surgeries, all the waiting, all the emotions, and, finally, bam.
I still can’t believe it. Heck, I may not believe it until the kid is 10.

What a rollercoaster this last week has been. It’s been all about our
pending bundle of joy. We’ve been letting this new found knowledge settle
in (no, it hasn’t), sharing this bit of knowledge with those who we love and
trust (to Jenn’s family – do we have a surprise for you), and learning all about
the road ahead.

Shew and what a road it will be. Twists and turns, ups and downs, worries and joys.
I’m as happy as I am nervous, as scared as I am excited.

Now come the tests. The first, an initial visit with the fertility doctor, went
by just this Friday. The relief we felt when an actual doctor confirmed the
pregnancy can only be imagined and guess what? We still don’t really believe it.
The second, an initial sonogram, comes up just next week. This one will check to
make sure the baby isn’t in the tube but in the uterus where it should be.
We hit the OB doctor in a couple of weeks, she has several rounds of blood
tests, and then … well and then we’ll take it one step at a time. The first three months
are the most risky and you better believe we are nervous.

And there is more to come. Much more. Morning sickness, emotional turmoil,
painting, shopping for baby clothes, shopping for baby toys,
shopping for clothes for her, building baby furniture, visiting the doctor,
tests upon tests, the baby shower, and tons of stuff I left out.

But you know what? We’ve been waiting for this for more than two years. Strap me in.
Put down the lap bar. Let’s go.

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