Growing Old Together

Dec 29, 2002

I want to wish my wife a very happy birthday on this 29th day of December.
Today, the year flap on the old electric clock flips forward just a bit.

I’ve been accused of being too sappy in my blog — too mushy. I have to say
that I’m guilty as charged (my
Hallmark application is in the mail).
This year I’ve had a lot of happy things to
talk about and a lot of happy things to say. In life, and in marriage,
you have your ups and downs. This year definitely fits in the former
column. A lot of it revolves around the fact that there’s a baby
on the way. My life, and that of my wife’s, is rapidly changing.
It’s an exciting time. But it’s also more than that. Things have just
been, well, good.

My wife isn’t just a small part of the equation. I’m so lucky to
have someone who understands, loves, and can refrain from maiming me on
a daily basis. Sometimes two people just click and there’s no argument,
no doubt that they should be together. “50/50”, the preacher said.
Somehow I still got the better end of the deal.

The wife and I have been through a lot. The hot chick who sat next
to me in a high school class now sits in my living room. We’ve seen
a lot of firsts: jobs, a house, furniture, cars. We’ve grown up together.
We once passed notes in Human Dynamics class. We now prepare to enter parenthood and I’ve never been
more confident of our relationship. To say I’ll a truly lucky guy
just doesn’t say it all.

Jenn, you are my best friend, my lover, and, soon, the mother of my children.
I love you. Have a very happy birthday.

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  1. Anonymous
    December 29th, 2002 at 8:38 pm #

    I love you too sweetheart. That was a thousand times better than a card!

  2. Angelique
    May 22nd, 2004 at 3:38 pm #

    Wow that was the sweetest thing ever…even though it’s been two years later…I really do hope everything is going fine! That’s what I hope to be someday with my high school sweetheart Jayson. Even though I’m fifteen and he’s seventeen we hope we can one day share what you guys now have.
    Angelique S.

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