Plagues of Locusts

Jun 20, 2003

When my wife informed me that a plague of locusts were making their way across Idaho, I didn’t believe her. I needed to see it for myself.

It turns out that they are everywhere. The news showed them crowding the street, making the roadways slick and slippery for passing cars. A nearby lake had swimmers practically bathing in the little suckers. Mormon crickets are making the folks of Idaho think of biblical times. I imagine that’s one of the reasons that why my brother and his family will be happy to touch down in the good state of Maryland this Saturday. Hopefully, it isn’t the only reason.

It’s not like we have much more to offer here. They may think of Moses when crossing the street. We have Noah on our minds. Maryland can claim two full days of sun since the beginning of May. I could swear that I saw a fellow building a large boat on my way to work. It was hard to see through all the trees — and the giraffes.

In any case, I’m looking forward to a visit from my brother. I like to think I’m reasonably close to all my siblings, even as they have moved their separate ways. I miss them and their respective families. It’s nice to catch up. We’ll do some swimming, spend a day catching a rollercoaster or two, and muse a bit about nothing at all. It will be a fun time.

I just hope he leaves those bugs at home. That’s one part of Idaho I can do without.

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