Nothing to Say

Jul 21, 2002

Over the last couple of weeks, I feel like I’ve kind of gotten on a roll with
this blog thing. However, I’m getting the urge to write and am at a loss for
subjects. I have nothing in particular to share and nothing in particular to

A lot of that is probably because I’ve spent the last week either at work or
working at home. Last week we had what I’ve termed our “closet calamity”.
Basically, the shelves and clothes of our approximately eight foot walk in closet
came crashing down at about 2:30 last Sunday morning. The racket that
accompanied this was impressive, to say the least. I, being the comfy sleeper
I am, incorporated it nicely into whatever dream I was having — waking up
temporarily in a daze and looking to snuggle back into my pillows. My wife,
however, thought the world was ending.

At one time, our closet shelving consisted of a single piece of wood that streched
the entire length of the closet, with absolutely no supports in the middle.
In addition, this same piece of wood, which sported a metal hanger underneath,
took on the burden of all our hung clothing. Sturdy design? Let’s just say that
I don’t think the construction crew was entirely sober when they thought this
one up.

Regardless, we happily used it. The closet in our previous home was smaller
than small. It couldn’t fit all of Jenn’s clothes in it, much less
my own, and, when we bought the house, we could only imagine what we’d do with all
the new space. We were a bit too busy doing our happy closet dance to really take a
good look at the specs.

About a year ago, the closet gave us a warning. The shelving came down with a
bang for the ages, interrupting a perfectly good shower and basically scaring the
crap out of me. Being the not-so-handy man I am, I fixed it. It seemed that
the glues and nails that served as the shelf anchor, just didn’t cut it (someone,
somewhere just said “duh”). I reanchored everything and life continued.
A week ago, it sputtered its last breath and took a final dive, taking
bits of the closet walls along with it. For the record, my anchors held fast –
thank you very much – but the bad design finally caught up with it.

So what happened to my week? Well, a new house project happened, that’s what.
Trips to Home Depot and
Lowe’s, followed by painting, and finally some building.
Somewhere along the line, the project changed from “this closet needs to be fixed” to
“while we are doing the closet, let’s repaint and fix up the bedroom”.
I’m not sure when it happened but I bet the wife could tell you – the little sneak:)
I’ll have to consider this as I install our newly purchased porch light out front.

In any case, that has been my week. The closet is nearly complete and, as I mentioned,
I really don’t have anything to say. Oh, well.

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