Jan 2, 2004

Yum.  Cake.

A bond between a father and son is immediate but always changing, evolving if you will. If you told me today that I’d love my son more now than the day he was born, I’d have called you a liar. But I do. If you tell me I’ll love him even more a year from today, I’ll give you a crooked eyebrow but not be so quick to doubt your words.

Today is my son’s first birthday and for that I’m thankful. He’s an object of toil but an object of constant delight. Those little legs wander from room to room, carrying the brightest smile in the world. Teeth now decorate that smile, teeth that will soon feast on birthday cake.

The marking of this, his birth day, means that he’s accomplished a lot. A lot of firsts are complete:

First smile. Check.
First laugh. Check.
First word (“Hi”). Check.
First steps. Check.

It’s been an exciting year. Something new lies behind each corner. Each movement is the chance to see something for the very first time. The wife and I learned a lot. We know a little more about taking care of a child. We know a lot more about ourselves.

Happy birthday, son. I may not be too happy to leave the last year, the real year of firsts, behind but I’m quite excited about the year ahead. From your smile, I believe you are too.

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  1. Debbie C
    January 5th, 2004 at 11:51 am #

    …And he sure did enjoy the cake until he tried to smear it in his hair and someone laughed too loud and he, in turn, cried a little – ha ha. Love, Deb C.

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