Bush is a One Term President

Jul 29, 2002

I hate to say it – and I hate to admit it – but president Bush is very
likely a one-term president.

I predicted it long ago during the race of 2000. The economy was just ripe for downturn. The nineties had been quite prosperous. Any signs of recession had been evaporated by the rush to take advantage of the next big thing: the internet. You can delay a recession for a while but you just can’t fight it. We were due and any president, be it Bush or Gore, would have to try. The battle is often lost at the polls in an election year. Just ask father Bush.

I don’t think I can blame Bush any more for the recent economic plunge
than I can credit Clinton for our economic prosperity of the 90s – despite
Al Gore’s claims that he, in fact, invented the internet. Its simple
macroeconomics. Economic growth and contraction follow each other
in a fairly repeatable pattern. Both Gore and Bush had to see the troubles

George W. Bush’s staying power at the polls, largely generated from his
leadership after the terrorist attacks last year, is now
and the economy is to blame. Big surprise. We unite behind our president
during times of war, as we should. However, in times of relative peace,
we become a bit more introspective and look at the problems at home.

I also hate to say that Bush can increase his chances of reelection by starting a
war with Iraq. I hate to mention it because I feel that a war with Iraq is
basically inevitable. We can do it now or we can wait for Iraq to manufacture the
weapons needed to really give us nightmares. This problem should have been solved years ago. It shouldn’t be considered a political move, despite its obvious benefits at the polls.

However, I could be overreacting. His
numbers are still quite good and a whole lot can happen in two years,
including a nice economic recovery now that the internet bubble has finally
burst. In any case, I won’t be voting for Gore in 2004. I can guarantee you

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  1. "Dan the man"
    August 9th, 2002 at 10:48 am #

    oh yeah?

    this from the guy who confidently predicted Liddy Dole for VP.

    well, I’m not very good at predicting the future, but I’m betting that GW is going for two, after all he’s got that “vision thing” that senior just didn’t quite have.

    Wouldn’t it be cool if he switched VP’s though?

  2. Richard
    October 2nd, 2002 at 12:16 pm #

    Want more reasons Bush will be a One Term President?

    Check: http://www.OneTermPresident.com

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