Trashed Can

Apr 18, 2003

Oddly enough, one of my first chores of the spring is to throw away something that I may have trouble convincing the trash man to take. That’s right. I need to throw away our trash can. Take our garbage and, while you are at it, please take the container too.

If that were my only chore. As the snows of winter melt into the past, they seem to reveal a myriad of things that must get done around the house, both inside and out. That right there could use some repair. Could we touch that up a bit? The washing machine is making a funny noise. The list seems to go on and on.

Here’s some of the big tasks and purchases on my way in the next few months.

Grow Some Grass

Our yard has a myriad of problems. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that paving it over is a realistic option so I’ve decided to go with plan two. The side yard has some holes that need filling. The front yard has a giant bare spot where a pine tree stood before tumbling onto our home. The yard as a whole could use some weed killer and some patching. To top it off, our mower no longer wants to go backwards. I always thought that grass just grew, you only had to wait. I was only partially right.

Light up my Life

Both front lights sit in the dark, their bulbs long blown out. I’d swear that they only last a week but swearing doesn’t seem to get me anywhere. Looking at the big picture, it hardly matters. We’ve purchased a new light for the front of the house I’ve yet to install. The voltage/continuity tester we purchased last week has rid me of my last excuse.

The people who delivered our beautiful new armoire took it upon themselves to decorate the light pole in our front yard with their truck. Depending on the wind, it now sits at an odd 45 degree angle and waits for its replacement. We now must get an estimate of the damage. Thankfully, that is one task I don’t have to worry about.

Cling, Clang

I wasn’t joking. The washer is making a funny noise. Perhaps a sock has discovered it cannot escape and has begun to wail in frustration. The real problem is that some folks (meaning my wife) seem to think that the washer and dryer come as a set. I’d resist but the dryer never seemed to work properly anyway and well, resistance hasn’t gotten me much in the past.

Paint by Room Numbers

The walls of the bedroom could use something to hang over their fresh paint. The walls of the living room, dining room, and basement need to be touched up. The kitchen walls are about to feel the wrath of my wife, who is finally sick of diarrhea yellow.

Draw those Curtains

The curtains in the bedroom need to be replaced. They are too sheer and I’m tired of entertaining the neighborhood. Something has to be done about the computer room curtains as well. They block too much of the sun – something I don’t get enough of anyway. And I haven’t even mentioned the living room curtains. I never liked them anyway.

Sadly, I’m sure I’ve missed all sorts of stuff. The warm weather on the horizon can be a bit of a mixed blessing on the home front.

In fact, just the other day I was walking through the yard early in the morning. A warm breeze greeted my bare legs. Dew glanced upon my toes through the slits of my sandles. I looked down and thought, “Crap, I need to mow.”

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  1. The Wife
    April 18th, 2003 at 9:59 pm #

    This is gonna be a classic!!! This is probably the most humorous one yet. Although I must correct your description of the wall color in the kitchen. I think that breastmilk pooh yellow better describes it. Love You Lots!!

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