Fantasy Misery

Sep 23, 2003

My fantasy football team is awful. They are worse than awful. They are just sad. I thought I knew something about football. Apparently, I was mistaken.

I started the season losing my depth at running back. James Stewart is out for the season. The quarterback for one of my top receivers then took a trip to the emergency room. I suppose that is what Vick gets for running against the Ravens.

I’m now lost in a sea of mediocrity. Marvin Harrison, the top wideout from a year ago, is being shut down. He has 16 catches this season. Last year, that would have been a good game. Peerless Price made the move from a #2 receiver to a #1 by going on vacation. No one has heard from him since. Marty Booker, another stud wideout, is suffering from quarterback loss in an indirect sort of way. Can you believe Chicago actually wanted Kordell Stewart as their QB? Ugh.

Now injuries are beginning to settle in. Travis Henry, my star running back, hurt his ribs this week. He gained seven yards on the ground and threw an interception. Yes, my running back threw an interception! Dante Culpepper, the only real bright spot in my lineup just broke some bones in his back. Wonderful. Neither guy made it to halftime.

I keep thinking that they can’t be that bad. Marvin has to eventually catch a pass or two. William Green will again show the flash he had last year. But then I look at my sad 1-2 record and lose hope.

Sniff, sniff. If this keeps up, I’ll actually have to start watching football for the football. People still do that. Don’t they?

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