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Oct 17, 2006

This now leads my Household Tools I Most Desire list. I know it sucks. What are its bad points?

Gregg Easterbrook, the writer of what is now ESPN’s Tuesday Morning Quarterback column, reminded me why I like his writing so much when he addressed the issues of placing blame.

Revisionism addendum: Suppose Clinton had, in 1998, ordered an invasion of Afghanistan to destroy al-Qaida and Taliban forces there, as the docudrama suggested Clinton should have. Surely the president would have been bitterly denounced by Republicans, and since Sept. 11 would never have happened, today the 1998 invasion of Afghanistan would be spoken of as a pointless fiasco of the highest order. Something to chew on when you think about the Iraq war.

Hit this link and search for phrase “Republican, Democrats Accuse Each Other of Partisanship” within the article. Good stuff.

I’ll echo the sentiments of the source, this is impossibly cute.

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