One Step on Humanity

May 11, 2005

I capped my night off tonight by playing a demo of soon to be released game Destroy All Humans, an eye catching title if I’ve ever seen one. Since no one asked, I’ve decided to share some quick comments on the preview:

Any demo that begins by tossing cows automatically gets an A+ from me. I intend to keep this rule in place for the foreseeable future.

The demo is rather short. It comes in at about 10 minutes. While you get to do some rather fun stuff (did I mention cows?), the demo doesn’t give you enough time to draw too many conclusions.

The destructible buildings remind me of Mercenaries. This is a good thing. This is also unsurprising.

The ability to throw farm equipment around, like the random truck or tractor, reminds me of my childhood.

“And I’m not green!”

What I saw looks good. I want to see more.

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